Transformational Leadership: Applying W. Edwards Deming’s Principles and Process Improvement Techniques for Success in the New Economic Age

Workshop Description

The whole premise of this seminar is that American business does not need improvement; nor do American schools need "reform." Rather, our premise is that our organizations and management in general are in need of transformation – and transformation implies a complete change in state.  The purpose of this course and its accompanying workbook is to provide an introduction to the concepts, tools and principles needed to begin or continue the transformation process.

As a teacher and consultant, the late Dr. W. Edwards Deming developed a new management philosophy.  He devoted his life to helping leaders in business, education and government service to understand and implement a process to accomplish the transformation.  This seminar draws heavily on Deming's principles and his "system of profound knowledge" to provide a clear roadmap for getting started on the transformation in order to survive and thrive in this new economic age.

Via hands-on workshops, demonstrations and lively lectures, you will learn how you can use the techniques and concepts to achieve dramatic improvements in quality, productivity and processes throughout your organization.  By the end of this program you will have powerful techniques to add to your leadership toolbox as well as some challenging theories and insights to guide your future plans and actions to continuously improve your processes and competitive position. 

Workshop Topics

  • Adopting a "Systems Perspective" 
  • Basic (Yet Powerful) Statistical Methods
  • Theory of Variation as a Guide for Decision-making
  • Basic Procedure for Improving a System
  • Transformation Model:  Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points for Management and his “System of Profound Knowledge”
  • Attributes of a Leader
  • Lessons of the Bead Experiment
  • Guidelines for Planning and Getting Started on the Transformation Process 

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers, professionals, team members and team leaders interested and involved in strategic planning and process improvements. 


“Jim’s training on various aspects of quality was not only valuable but fun. Our team looked forward to his seminars. Jim's training was part of a quality improvement initiative that led to our business moving from sixth in UK market share to third while quadrupling profits in six years.” — Don Mattes, President, Andover Controls Ltd.

“Under Jim Leonard’s guidance, we have applied his tools, principles and concepts to achieve a number of impressive improvements. Local business partners are reporting a much higher level of respect for our district; new behaviors are evident among administrators and teaching staff; and student test scores have shown statistically significant improvement in just a four-year period.” — Dr. Elizabeth Clark, Deputy Superintendent, Hallsville Independent School District

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