Executive Overview: The Science of Leadership

Workshop Description

The difference between successful and unsuccessful Six Sigma initiatives is often reported to depend on the level of “management” commitment.  The late W. Edwards Deming once observed, however, “There’s too much management and not enough leadership!”  This brief executive overview will go beyond mere management or supervisory practices to examine the science of leadership.  It all begins with the science of physics and understanding of systems.  The science of statistics is at the foundation of Six Sigma.  The science of psychology helps the leader to understand people and the critical difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 

In most Six Sigma initiatives today, there’s too much emphasis on certifying Black Belts and certifying Green Belts and managing DMAIC process improvement projects.  In other words, there’s too much emphasis on managing Six Sigma and not enough emphasis on leadership.  This workshop, available in full-day, four-hour and two-hour formats, introduces the science and practice of Six Sigma leadership.

Workshop Topics

  • Key Elements of the Transformation Process 
  • Adopting a Systems Perspective 
  • Traditional Model of Variation vs. Systems Model of Variation
  • Questions to Address via Systems Thinking 
  • Critical Role of Statistical Methods 
  • Basic Procedure for Improving A System 
  • Model of the Healthy Work Environment:  Deming’s 14 Points for Management
  • The System of Profound Knowledge
  • Attributes of a Leader

Who Should Attend?

Executives, managers, department heads and others in leadership positions.  This workshop is most beneficial when a team from your organization attends together.


"Jim's training on various aspects of quality was not only valuable but fun. Our team looked forward to his seminars. Jim's training was part of a quality improvement initiative that led to our business moving from sixth in UK market share to third while quadrupling profits in six years.”  — Don Mattes, President, Andover Controls Ltd. 

"During my career, I have never met a better instructor, more knowledgeable or creative individual.  I am not easily impressed, but Jim is really special." – Angelo Sabatalo, Corporate Director of Organizational Development, Nypro, Inc. /Nypro University

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