Mission Statement and History of Jim Leonard Process Improvement

In 1987, I started my own consulting practice with a clear purpose in mind: I intended to base all of my work on the principles of Dr. W. Edwards Deming and to help my clients accomplish dramatic improvements in the performance of their processes. I learned from Dr. Deming (or rather had it drilled into me by Dr. Deming) that improved processes automatically result in improved quality of products and services. Improved quality in turn results in higher productivity and lower costs.

The statistical methods and process improvement tools and concepts that I teach my clients are important and powerful; but they’re not sufficient to assure long-term success. Beyond process improvements in the short term, I remain available to provide for my clients as-needed consulting and guidance to help them to develop strategies to integrate Dr. Deming’s principles and continuous improvement into all functions and activities of the organization. Continuous improvement yields growth, and growth leads to secure jobs for current employees and more jobs for new employees.

This mission and purpose, illustrated below, has not changed in the more than a quarter of a century that I have been in business. I’ve seen quality circles, TQM and other quality fads come and go. I observe with alarm too many failures in attempts to adopt Six Sigma. Dr. Deming taught me the importance of “constancy of purpose.” I believe that Jim Leonard Process Improvement is today a shining example of that principle and I am prepared to help my clients achieve similar success.


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